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What Comes Up on a Background Check & Why are Checks Important in Weston, FL?

There are many scenarios that call for a background check; tenancy, employment, and firearm purchases are a few common examples, though there are many other reasons as to why a background check may be required. Security clearance, potential nanny or elder care, a business purchase are a few other instances where a background check is useful. Today, we at Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami, FL would like to share the importance of the background check.

Reasons for Background Checks

Criminal History: If a criminal history exists, the background check can find it.
Accurate Information: You want to know that their workplace history is true and not made up when it comes to hiring someone.
Guarantees Safety: You, your employees, or your loved ones can be kept safe by ensuring the background check on an individual doesn’t reflect a negative past.
Avoid Legal Problems: In the event illegal events take place, there will be a record of it occurring once or multiple times through the background check, sparing you from potential issues. You have factual information at your fingertips, allowing for you to make a more informed decision, as well as help you prevent potential lawsuits whether it involves hiring, selling, or doing business.

What Can Be Revealed in a Background Check?

An employer or a private agency will acquire information about the person, which is the background check. A few avenues the professional agency retrieves includes civil records, credit card history, driving records, education history, criminal records, employment history, and social security verification. With the help of a professional that has the legal resources to dive deeper than untrained professionals can. Keep in mind, a background check is not identical to a criminal background check. A background check will get you basic information about employment or financials whereas the criminal background check will detail an in-depth criminal history. There are many sources from public record and internet assistance as well as others. Having the full legal name, location and date of birth, social security number, past employers, as well as a list of schools. There are situations where you will need the person’s permission. You need permission from the person under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), if you are renting out to someone or hiring someone, you need go through specific agencies to get correct and up to date information and records. Anything including criminal, employment, education, credit, and driving records can be listed in the report during the background check procedure. With a clean background check, you have more opportunity for jobs, business deals, and many more milestones.

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Should you need a background check, Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami, FL has a team of trained and experienced specialists that exhaust all resources to ensure a comprehensive background check, no matter what your circumstances are. With our thoroughness and skills, your background check will fulfill your needs and let you know about the type of individual you are associating with. Call Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami FL today for your background check and let us help you find out who you are dealing with in your home or business.