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Background Checks

Advanced Florida Security has been providing our clients unique and thorough background screening services for over a decade and a half. We offer a full range of background screening solutions for employers, business owners, franchisors, property management companies, apartment owners, landlords, non-profits, schools, government agencies, private clubs and property management companies to name a few. We offer background checks on new employees, franchisee applicants, members, new residents, tenants and volunteers. In today’s transient and uncertain world, Advanced Florida Security wants to partner with you. We understand your business needs and want to help you to further safeguard your most valuable assets; your company, employees, customers, clients and brand.

Professional Background Screening

Advanced Florida Security’s global resources allow us to offer background checks on individuals from anywhere in the world. Our expert staff is both friendly and efficient. We conduct each confidential background check discreetly and professionally. Our wide range of services allow our clients to effectively and affordably obtain the background screening that helps shield their companies from liability and harm. Our clients look to us to help them protect against the risk that comes from possible lawsuits as a result of approving, hiring or renting to dangerous criminals.

Comprehensive Tenant and Resident Screening

Advanced Florida Security helps our clients reduce their risk and increase their profitability through tenant and resident screening. We have access to many information databases and resident screening data as well as criminal and eviction records. We are your best partner for tenant and resident screening background checks because we offer personalized service to identify higher quality residents, reduce evictions and skips, protect owners from the potential liability of renting to known criminals while safeguarding existing residents as well as minimize legal costs while generating fee income.

Thorough Employee Screening Background Checks

Advanced Florida Security offers employee background checks and pre-employment background screening through accurate, up-to-date screening of potential and current employees, to increase profitability while reducing risk. We can easily help you avoid the consequences of hiring an employee, independent contractor or volunteer with a criminal history who could pose a threat to your company, employees, clients, customers and brand. Hiring qualified and honest employees and independent contractors is critical to the success of any business. We understand that your company has worked hard to build its reputable brand and you do not want to hire someone with a dangerous or undesirable criminal past who could quickly damage your company’s reputation and image. In today’s world of radio, print, television and viral social media, unfavorable press news travels quickly. Hiring a professional private investigator like Advanced Florida Security to perform thorough employee background checks can be your best defense.

Advanced Florida Security has access to credit bureaus, courthouse records, motor vehicle records, criminal records as well as other databases. We can assist your company in saving money by not training someone you should never have hired in the first place and protecting against potential liability against negligent hiring lawsuits as well as identifying higher quality employers while reducing potential personnel turnover expenses. Call us for peace of mind. Call us for a background check today.

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