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Forensic Investigations & Intelligence

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Forensic investigations use scientific methods to solve a crime. It involves the gathering and analyzing of crime related physical evidence in order to come to a conclusion as to the guilt or innocence of a suspect. Investigators will look at hard drives, computers and other technology to establish how a crime took place. There are many different types of forensics and Advanced Private Investigator & Security specializes in forensic accounting, cyber forensics and psychological forensics.

Forensic Accounting AKA Financial Investigation

The goal of a forensic accounting investigation is to aid the victims of financial crimes or fraud. This kind of financial investigation uses intelligence gathering techniques as well as business, accounting, communication and other skills to provide evidence to attorneys and other parties involved in criminal and civil investigations. Advanced Private Investigator & Security investigates by searching through a large amount of relevant figures and looking for irregularities or illegal financial practices. The crimes we investigate in the forensic accounting arena range from tax evasion and fraud to embezzlement and theft of company assets. We may also be hired to investigate insurance claims and high payouts.

Forensic accounting services can include:
– Calculating lost wages
– Searching for hidden assets
– Tracing misappropriated funds
– Performing fraud investigations

Cyber Investigations AKA Computer Forensics

Cyber forensic investigations center on recovering data from hard drives and computers in order to find evidence of misconduct or solve a crime. Computer investigators can uncover crimes such as fraud, sex trafficking and the sale of black market goods. Some common scenarios that utilize computer forensic investigations include divorce, wrongful termination, unauthorized disclosure of corporate information, employee internet abuse and other illegal internet activity. Forensic computer investigations can locate information on hard drives and cell phones including photos, emails, downloaded files, browsing history and even deleted data.

Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology studies the thoughts and motives behind a criminal’s actions. Before considering how to catch a suspect, forensic psychologists contemplate why the act was committed. Advanced Private Investigator & Security look at sources of extreme stress in the perpetrator’s life that might push them to act violently and/or commit crimes. We can also observe the scene of the crime, which can indicate whether the act was predetermined or done out of a burst of emotion. Even in cases of suspected suicide, forensic psychology investigators can examine the life of the victim and come to a conclusion as to whether the act was an accident or purposeful.

Why Hire a Forensic Private Investigator?

There are a myriad of situations for which hiring a forensic private investigator would be wise. Some of these include:
Accused of a Crime. One of the most efficient ways to clear your name is to allow an unbiased professional to gather evidence.
Victim of a Crime. Unbiased evidence found by a forensics investigator is reliable and will stand up in court.
Cheating Spouse. A forensics investigator can prove your spouse’s actions via voicemails, emails and other surveillance.
Business Owner. Forensic investigators can uncover and investigate internet abuse, stolen customer information, sexual harassment issues, lawsuits from disgruntled employees and intellectual property issues to name a few.

Forensic Investigations & More in Greater Miami, Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton & Miami Gardens Florida

While it is true that almost all law enforcement agencies have a forensic team on staff, these investigators are often overworked, having to handle multiple cases at once. Not only will hiring your own forensic investigator ensure your case is a top priority, but we can continue our investigation for as long as you require it. Contact Advanced Private Investigator & Security today to learn more about our forensic investigations and other related services.

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