Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigation is an applied science that involves the study of facts and data used to locate, identify and prove the guilt or innocence of an accused individual. A private investigator like Advanced Florida Security & Investigation will conduct a complete criminal investigation that could include a combination of searching, suspect interviews, witness interviews, evidence collection and preservation as well as various other methods of investigation. With our extensive experience, you can rest assured that a licensed private investigator at Advanced Florida Security will handle your criminal investigation with the upmost care and professionalism.

Crime Investigators

Advanced Florida Security & Investigation works on many Criminal Investigation matters including but not limited to:
– Fraud
– Theft
– Anti-Stalking
– Crime Scene Reenactment
– Eavesdropping Detection
– Computer Forensics
– Missing Persons
– Wrongful Death
– Locating Individuals for Process Service

Different Types of Criminal Investigations

Our professional criminal investigation services at Advanced Florida Security & Investigation include but are not limited to the following:
– Criminal Investigations
– Witness Background Investigations
– Location of Witnesses
– Interview Witnesses and Potential Witnesses
– Vetting of Witnesses and Potential Witnesses
– Obtain Written or Recorded Sworn Witness Statements
– Identifying Assets in Anticipation of Litigation
– Identifying Assets for Collection of Judgments
– Comprehensive Background Checks
– Court Record Searches
– Motor Vehicle Records
– Activity Checks
– Day & Night Surveillance Operations

Criminal Investigations

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