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Undercover Investigation Operations

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Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Fort Lauderdale Florida is a professional full service security, detective and investigator agency with over 15 years of experience. Being locally owned and operated, we are fully licensed and insured to bring our team of professionals with the dedication of delivering confidential services to our customers in Florida and worldwide. Our team brings skills and resources to the table. We are often successful where others are not.

Undercover Operations in the Workplace

Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Fort Lauderdale Florida includes undercover operation services when collecting pertinent information on the full spectrum of safety and security issues. With the different venues to learn of the world’s problems, the media often shares cases where suspects or convicted individuals have victimized the workplace with embezzlement, theft, fraud, cyber-bullying, sexual harassment, and even murder. When theft, for example, becomes an issue, placing a discreet undercover investigator can provide you with facts concerning the loss of merchandise and to instill an effective method to stop the dishonest activities. By collecting the evidence; documentation and earning trust of the staff, Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Fort Lauderdale Florida can uncover the depth of the issues while maintaining trust among the staff and staying safe.

Undercover Corporate Investigations

Many businesses rely on their employees to demonstrate the admirable qualities their business represents and in so doing they gain a positive reputation that continues to blossom making their business a success. With the aid of Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Fort Lauderdale Florida undercover operation services, external and internal theft, drug affiliated activities, embezzlement, system flaws, sabotage, poor security, and other potential crimes or problems that brings down productivity or morale are discovered. In conjunction with forensic accounting, property protections, technical surveillance, and other security measures in place, Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Fort Lauderdale Florida can improve your business.

Surveillance Investigators & Undercover Operatives

Protecting employer’s interests and reducing long term production loss, periodic undercover investigations are ideal. Using surveillance investigators and undercover operatives can produce the facts and supporting evidence so that employers can take action accordingly to their best interests. In corresponding with law enforcement on a local, state, and/or federal level, we will interact appropriately, communicating with the employer to establish a strong case for the prosecution. You as an employer, have the right to protect your business, employees, and customers and know what is happening within your business, especially if you suspect misdeeds.

Undercover Counter-Surveillance Techniques

Our counter-surveillance is an asset for the safety of executives as well. With our astute observation and surveillance, we can intercept anyone attempting investigations and surveillance on the executives being done at the place of business or the home residence. With additional basic training and tips, we can teach your executives and employees how to observe their surroundings, avoid being stalked, and other safety precautions.

Private Detective Investigations in Greater Miami, Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton & Miami Gardens Florida

Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Fort Lauderdale Florida undercover operations is an exceptional resource to better protect you and your business from employees or other affiliates that can negatively impact your business. If you believe you can use our valuable service, contact Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Fort Lauderdale for your consultation and we can discuss the specifics of your circumstances.

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