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Importance of Background Checks for Employment in Pembroke Pines, FL; ID Verification & More

Making hiring disaster less likely to occur is the primary benefit of a pre-employment background check. You can narrow down the applicants with a thorough check as it discourages fakers who may withdraw their application to avoid being embarrassed, as well as expose any dishonest applicants. By weeding out applicants with a history of violence or drug use, your company can be spared negligent-hiring lawsuits with the assistance of pre-employment background checks. The backgrounds must not only be done thoroughly, but carefully as well. An applicant’s rights may be violated and open you up to legal action as many aspects of employee’s privacy are protected by law. Today, we at Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Fort Lauderdale, Florida would like to share the benefits of background checks for the employers.

ID Verification

Applying for a position under a false identity can be revealed in a background check from the job seeker. A search against global homeland security databases, Social Security trace, verification of an applicant’s I-9 Form, or eligibility to work in the United States are all checked for example.

Job Experience & Education

The schools listed on the resume and if the applicant did in fact attain any degrees and licenses that they claim can be verified. Past work experience is also verified along with time spent in their past jobs, past employer’s satisfaction with performance, job title, salary, career advancement, and other details pertaining to their work experience and education.

Criminal Record & History

For potential employees, laws regulating criminal background checks vary from state to state according to the SBA. Hiring a lawyer for guidance is frequently recommended. Even though it is a matter of public record, you can’t gather arrest record information that’s over seven years old. Searching for criminal convictions is, however, legal. Sex offender data for at-risk jobs, driving records involving a company vehicle, county, state or federal convictions, and civil lawsuits less than seven years old is information that is revealed in the background check. You can identify applicants with substance abuse or alcoholism problems with drug and alcohol tests as well.

Financial Data

An employee’s history of paid tax liens and any collections data that’s over seven years old is protected by the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, and only if you hire a consumer reporting agency to collect it. These employee protections don’t apply if you do the research in-house according to experts. Before getting their credit report, the FCRA also requires that you obtain an employee’s written consent. Due note that federal law forbids discrimination against potential employees who have filed for bankruptcy, though they may potentially appear in the financial history report.

Background Checks, Private Investigations, Security & More in Greater Miami, Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Weston, Plantation City & Miami Gardens Florida

When it comes to thorough background checks before hiring an employee, call Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our professionals are experienced and have the resources readily available to get your employee background checks in a timely manner and most importantly, efficiency. We are thorough and cover all the basics when you need to know who you are potentially going to hire!