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Securing & Protecting Your Baby Monitor Camera; Digital, Encrypted, Firewall Protection, Password & Wi-Fi Concerns in Miami FL

We have heard all too frequently in news reports and social media about the latest hacks some people are doing. Just the fact that hacking into a baby’s monitor camera is possible is quite disturbing, but even more so that people want to do it. Advanced Private Investigator and Security of Miami would like to…

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Fake Checks, Internet Identity Theft & Charity Fraud; Tips on How to Avoid Being Defrauded!

Losing money is never an enjoyable experience, whether your home is suddenly no longer worth what you paid for it, you misplaced your wallet or made a bad investment. Losing money causes stress, depression and extreme disappointment. The worst possible way to lose money is by being swindled out of it dishonestly, like purchasing an…

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Personal Safety Security Tips When Traveling & During Hotel Stays; How Not to be a Target!

It is a dangerous time for many to be traveling, especially when traveling alone. Too many stories of people being abducted for malicious reasons, or news coverage of sex trafficking and other disturbing creeps following people around; traveling alone can be risky. Most criminals, when targeting travelers, set their sights on those who are traveling…

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Internet Privacy; How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft When Shopping, Banking & Dating Online in Miami FL

There is opposition in all things, light and dark, good and bad, delicious and gross, you get the idea. The same is said for online conveniences. With ability to do online shopping, dating, banking, bill paying, game playing and everything in between, there are also hackers and scam artists among the criminal online activities. The…

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Importance of Criminal Employment Background Checks in Miami FL: Consequences of Employee Theft & Lying on Resumes

Running a successful business requires a great deal of hard work, energy and a reliable work force that stands behind your company’s goals. Your employees play a large role in the productivity of your business and can make or break the high standards you have set as an employer. Hiring the right type of people…

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