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Vandalism; Graffiti, Political & Destruction of Property. Hire Advanced Private Investigator & Security in Miami FL for Surveillance & Investigations

Vandalism is a crime that involves deliberate damage or destruction to private or public property, leaving buildings, signs, homes and other structures deformed from their original state. There are many different types of vandalism that criminals can inflict on others’ property. Some forms are minor while others can lead to significant consequences on both sides…

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Avoid International Fraud such as Nigerian 419 Scammers & Fake Checks in Mail Scams etc. Call Advanced Private Investigator & Security in Miami FL to Investigate!

Keeping your money safe and secure is a top priority when it comes to living in today’s world. You depend on your savings account and other investments to provide the necessities of life and prepare for retirement as well. Keeping these funds safe may seem like a pretty simple task when you consider the lengths…

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Social Media Tips for Protecting Yourself Online from Predators & Identity Theft in Miami FL

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and MySpace; these are the most common social media platforms the general American population uses. Many even utilize several or all of these networks. Unfortunately, many scam artists and criminal predators use these accounts for nefarious purposes. So, how can you better protect yourself; and especially your children who aren’t…

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Serving a Subpoena in Miami FL Often Starts with Finding a Missing Person. Call Advanced Private Investigator & Security to Learn How to Locate & Track them Down!

Serving a subpoena may seem like an easy task to take on, until you soon realize that the person you are trying to serve the subpoena to is intentionally evading you. While there are certain steps you can take to attempt a successful subpoena being served, your best bet is to hire a professional from…

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Real Life Spies in History; True Espionage Stories Involving Intelligence Gathering, Masters of Disguise, Clandestine & Covert Operations

With the recent release of the latest James Bond flick, it gets people thinking about how exciting a life like that could be. James Bond has intricate devices, fast cars, killer stunts and seems to be coveted and lusted after by every female. Who wouldn’t want to lead a fast paced life full of intrigue…

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Tenant Screening Questions & Report in Greater Miami FL; Personal & Criminal Background Checks, Rental Eviction History, References Check, Employment Verification & More

With levels of crime on the rise, creating safer neighborhoods is of utmost importance for a landlord or property manager renting properties. Choosing tenants that treat your properties as their own and who live by a set of standards and responsibilities acceptable to society will help to create a better living environment which is essential…

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