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What Does a Social Media Investigator Do in Greenacres, FL? Gather Digital Evidence & More

If you talk to many people they will tell you how social media has benefited their lives. It has a way of connecting people that wouldn’t stay connected otherwise. However many benefits there may be to using social media, there are also problems as well. Many people won’t give a second thought to putting their lives out there for the world to see. When it comes to investigating someone, this can be helpful. Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami, FL is here to talk about social media investigations and some of the ways that they can be used.

What Types of Information Would an Investigator Find on Social Media?

As mentioned above, there is hardly any information that people think twice about before posting on their social media accounts. From locations to pictures, the Internet can be a treasure trove of information. All of this information can be incredibly helpful when investigating an individual. For instance, when somebody posts a photo on their social media account it gives far more information then just a screenshot of what that person is doing. A skilled private investigator can gather information such as location, time, and more data simply from that one photo.

What Information from a Social Media Investigation is Used For

You may be wondering what the information that is gathered from a social media investigation is used for. There are several reasons why people turn to private investigators to perform a social media investigation on an individual.
– Court Cases: Believe it or not, social media investigations can be invaluable in court cases. It can help shed light on somebody’s character, provide an individual with an alibi, and even solidify the information that they already have on file. However, it is important that this information is gathered legally by a professional investigator so that it isn’t thrown out in court.
– Divorce Cases: The unfortunate truth about divorce cases is that they are oftentimes messy. Spouses are usually looking for evidence to prove or disprove their side of the story when settling these kinds of cases. Social media can be a powerful tool in proving someone’s lifestyle or even infidelity in at-fault states divorce cases.
– Custody Battles: Along those same lines, custody battles can benefit from social media investigations as well. There is a lot of information about somebody’s whereabouts and activity that could prove them unfit to have custody of their children. This is often times where a spouse can discredit their partner as they decide where the children should spend most of their time.
– Missing Persons: If someone that you love is missing, social media posts can be a powerful tool in finding their whereabouts. Having a professional private investigator conduct a social media investigation can help you find the people that you love or need to find.

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