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Signs Your Phone, Car, Home or Office is Bugged with a Listening Device or Bug in El Portal, FL

The average American may never encounter situations where they where bugged. Most people or targets that are bugged, or may be wiretapped are high profile people such as researchers, multi-million dollar business men or industries. Most are bugged to obtain information typically from competitors such as pharmacies, tech and other high end industries. Many people often think it relates more to criminal investigations however, due to the privacy act, bug devices or wiretaps are not often able to be submitted in court. For those who have knowledge to be gained, you may be a target! Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami, FL will share some classic signs you are bugged.

Where Listening Bugs Are Found

In most cases people who are bugged are those with information other people want. Where many people may think their home may be bugged, some of the more common sites are meeting rooms, offices and vehicles. Typically where the most information to be gained is where you will find a bug device or wiretap. Bugs are often placed by fellow employees that have been bribed to place the bug by a competitor however, each case varies.

Types of Listening Devices

Knowing your are bugged can be difficult for those who don’t know what to watch for. One sign you been bugged is when people or a person may know you activities that shouldn’t. Sometimes a person may say something about a meeting or a conversation you had that wasn’t present is a sign that you are bugged.
Phone Bugs: Bugged come in all shapes, sizes and forms some time your phone may be bugged or tapped. Some signs that your phone is bugged or tapped are strange sound coming from your phone. You may hear popping, scratching or static noises from your your phone either constantly or periodically. There are some surveillance devices that can hone in on your phone as the surveillance device hone in on a phone the phone’s volume may go up or or cause strange noises. Another device is much like a microphone that also produces an echo which can be heard once you hang up your phone, you may hear a faint tone from the other end. If you ever had your phone ring and you answered to hear only silence followed with a high pitched squeal or beep this often occur from either a slave device, infinity transmitter or a harmonica bug.
Television or Radio Bugs: Both television and radio bugs are not too common because they rely on a radio frequency which makes them less reliable. However, occasionally they still occur especially if you or an employee used FM radio bands or has uses a television channels 2 through 68 the UHF channels. Some signs that an amateur eavesdropper is using either the television or radio often their may be abnormal interference that may result in static.

How Can I Tell Someone has Planted a Listening Bug

Often when a home, office or business been bugged a common methods is to stage a burglary. If a competitor or someone with knowledge to gain needs to get a bug inside a home or building. often a burglary is staged. Some bugs are self powered while others require a power source. If a burglary occurs and only few item where take but other valuables where left behind can rise a few alarms. Begin looking around often bugs that require a power source will be placed in outlets or light switches. Look at all the face plates see if any are out of place or looks like they been recently tampered. Along with other electrical devices.

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Some bugs may be hard to detect, if you believed you’ve been bugged contact Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami, FL we provide many services including bug sweep services. Contact us for all your private investigation and security needs.