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Purpose, Importance, Elements, Objectives & Process of Criminal Investigations in El Portal, FL

Most criminal investigations originate with police agencies. But there are incidents that would be better handled through a private investigator. Most police agencies are swamped with cases and can easily spend up to 5-8 hours a week in management of just their case load. But a private investigator devotes his or her time to your needs exclusive of other concerns.

White Collar & Other Common Crime Investigations

There are cases that seem to lend themselves to private investigation and include:
Fraud is a common crime. It takes an experienced investigator to unravel the sometimes-convoluted scams of the fraudulent criminal enterprise.
Theft, another common crime. Employee theft is of major concern. In the Silicon Valley dockside theft is of major proportions and is attributed to some the organized criminal Asian gangs active in the theft of technological and electronic items. Many retail companies lose more to theft from employees than to shoplifting.
Stalking is a major crime that can be best handled through a private detective agency. Police departments have few resources dedicated to stalking investigations. They demand a high field presence, experience, patience and a devotion to detail.
Corporate (any business) executives and R&D personnel can be vulnerable to eavesdropping and industrial espionage.
Computer and electronic forensics are an area where private investigation is or can be used. Most electronic forensics in police departments are restricted by official requests from investigator and/or policies restricting outside and civil forensic activities. A private investigator/electronic forensics expert may provide a more satisfying alternative. Electronic forensics covers not only computers but phone and pads, as a considerable amount of investigative and intelligence can be recovered from these devices. Computers are not the only target of forensic experts, the phone is usually as productive a source of evidence/intelligence as the computer.
Missing persons are a unique fit for the private investigator as police agencies are inundated with these cases, most missing persons cases are resolved by no outside actions and on their own within 24 hours and nearly all in 72 hours. An adult must be missing for 24 hours before most agencies will even allow reporting the case unless of course foul play can be indicated. Adults can legally come and go as they please, short of dodging debt or legal proceedings. As such even if found privacy laws prohibit the divulging of their location, only the physical health and well being can be reported back to the person reporting the missing person.
Wrongful death is or can be more a civil action than criminal. Full investigation by a reputable private investigation agency can determine cause of death, possible negligence or by wrongful actions by the defendant, such as medical malpractice suits.
Skip tracing or locating individuals that have skipped bail, or the need to file legal process or debt collection.
Witness, victim, suspect and suspect associate background investigations. Locating witnesses in civil and criminal actions. Interview/interrogation of witnesses and suspects. Vetting a witness. Obtaining sworn witness statements.
o Court records
o Motor vehicle records
o Criminal records
Day & Night Surveillance Operations

Private Investigator & Security Services in Greater Miami, Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Weston, Plantation City & Miami Gardens Florida

As criminal activity varies with the crime, no one set of experience, training and methods are used to successfully complete a criminal investigation. However, crimes have a common undercurrent that can be addressed by many investigators. Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami, FL can handle all your private investigation and security needs. Contact us today!