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Personal, Property & Other Asset Checks, Searches & Investigations in Plantation City, FL

Asset searches are conducted to uncover value and any potential liabilities tied to a property or individual. Why are asset searches conducted?
• Motor Vehicle Cases
• Personal Injury Cases
• Business due diligence compliance
• Debt collection
• Child Support
• Divorce Cases

Asset Checks

Businesses require asset checks on business partners or potential employees that may have a position with access to corporate financial assets. An asset check contributes to establishing trustworthiness. Owed money? Considering legal costs, an asset check of a creditor would establish the fact if pursuit of the matter in court would be economically beneficial. Fraud, based on lies and cheating, is a very common and recurring crime. If they claim they don’t have it to return payments, an asset check will uncover assets and confirm any of their claims. Asset checks can find those things of value that the other party is hiding, or undervaluing.

Asset Investigation Services

What does an asset investigation cover?
• Real Estate
• Available mortgage information
• Corporate filings (Business Only)
• Judgments
• Motor, aircraft and watercraft registrations and liens
• Bankruptcies
• Federal and State Tax liens
• Corporate or other Business Associates (Business)
• Criminal records (Individual)
• UCC Filings
• IRS 500 employee benefit information (Business)
• AKA (also known as, i.e. alias) DBA (doing business as)

Professionals Who Can Benefit from Asset Investigations

If you fall within one of the categories, you should consider an asset investigation:
• Attorneys and Law Firms
• Businesses
• Investors
• Hiring or human resources departments
• Investigative agencies
• Government agencies
• Creditors
• Professionals satisfying due diligence requirements
• Parties of divorce
• Person owed a debt

Asset Investigation Methods

What are some of the methods used? They can run economic crime investigation, if you are suspicious of being defrauded. Corruption, money laundering or other financial criminal activities. Computer forensics may prove valuable, and includes not only computers but communications and entertainment devices. They will trace ownership of assets, trace property and uncover hidden assets. Many assets are perhaps reported undervalued. An asset investigation can find and identify assets and evaluate owned or managed assets and determine their actual worth. Brokers and insiders can be approached to uncover hidden asset attempts. Their tools include online databases, surveillance equipment to uncover fraud. Accessing tax liens, real estate records, change of address data, motor vehicle data and other forms of electronic retrieval they can trace the transfer of assets.

Asset Misappropriation

Asset fraud uncovers individuals with history of bad credit, lying, criminal activity, tax evasion, fraud and padded resumes. Few are those that start to hide money. Many businesses, employees and creditors who tend to be dishonest in their dealings will have perhaps lied to or tried to defraud others as well. A substantial difference between lifestyle and asset claims should be noted. New and expensive cars, lavish estates all indicate wealth, meaning that former spouse has the assets to pay child support. A person having or claiming few assets will know the value and may try hide or undervalue assets.

Asset Investigations for Due Diligence

Asset investigations for due diligence purposes establishes financial integrity and trustworthiness. Creditors must establish the worthiness of the person or business to repay their debts. Let’s face it in the emotionally charged atmosphere of a divorce, total honesty of either part is expected, and that goes towards any hidden assets any party may have access to. Another aspect is the dead-beat spouse claiming inability to pay child support. But drives a Corvette and owns a million-dollar estate. All indicators of hidden sources of income or other valuable assets.

Private Investigations, Security & More in Greater Miami, Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Weston, Plantation City & Miami Gardens Florida

Any indicators of asset fraud buttresses the need to employ an asset investigator, forthwith. Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami FL can handle all your private investigator and security needs. Contact us today!