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Business Security in Hialeah, FL; Core Elements, Risks to Organization, Corporate Ideals & More

Corporate security covers all businesses regardless of their technical organization; corporations, LLC or any large business entity. That aside, what is corporate security? It is there to protect the business entity and involves risk mitigation and developments that threaten the survival or resilience of the business. More akin to field risk management.

Manufacturing & Marketing Issues in Business Security

One of the influencing factors affecting business security is the globalization of manufacturing and marketing. More risk is experienced in new marketplaces as the older more traditional markets reach saturation. “Place” or physical locations importance are eroding as the communication and transaction ability goes international. On some markets like Amazon you are ordering some items direct from China, shipping is weeks not days.

Security Risks to Organization

Risk portfolio is the management of risk versus expected return. There is a correlation between risk and reward. A higher return comes with a willingness to experience a higher risk factor. Investment in global markets is risky. Security faces corporate governance, corporate social responsibility standards and other challengers. A business must adhere to operate on foreign shores. At the same time the risk profile managed by security has broadened. The rise of organized crime and vulnerability to data and communications security is another issue. Global terrorism is a primary concern as these motivated groups strikeout against targets of opportunity.

Corporate Security Ideals

Corporate security needs to follow these ideals.
• OpSec or operational security is the cooperation of colleagues across the corporation to deliver security during the everyday actions and decisions.
• Security has the responsibility to manage change vs. enforcement and works through the corporate layers and departments as a trusted social network. The security personnel must be comfortable thinking out of the box. Flexible personnel who are willing to change assumptions, behaviors and an innovation with independent thinking are the characteristics in a modern corporate security personnel. Police and military backgrounds are inhibiting to innovative response to incidents.
• Security is there to help manage risk not avoid risk. It assists the company in taking risks in developing areas and markets. A growing perception is that security management must operate at higher senior levels to be effective.
• Security operates on a strategic level managing long term risks and goals, and at a field or operational level.
• Communications, business acumen, people skills, management ability are the basis of power for security legitimizing their activities, not from any expert knowledge of security affairs. It must use persuasion to accomplish collaboration and cooperation across the corporate organization. The human element is important as the security personnel must incorporate the human element including emotional impact, people perceptions and risk management are dominate over technical skills.

Core Elements of Security Operations

The core elements of security operations are:
• Personal security of employees and management.
• Physical security of the buildings and property.
• Information security of communications and data systems.
• Corporate governance ensuring compliance with procedure and policy.
• Compliance and ethics conformity.
• Criminal activity detection and prevention.
• Deterrence of fraudulent activity.
• Risk Management and mitigation and identification of risk.
• Crises management
• Environmental, safety and health.
• Planning continuity of business operations.

Private Investigator & Security Services in Greater Miami, Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Weston, Plantation City & Miami Gardens Florida

Modern international business security is a multifaceted and dynamic professional field requiring innovative thinking, business knowledge and people skills to manage the risk and incidents encountered in everyday business operations. Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami, FL can handle all your private investigation and security needs. Contact us today!