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Legal Things to Do Before You Get Married in Weston, FL; Premarital Background Check & More

Finding your soul mate is an exciting time. When it comes time to get married, you want to know that the person you chose is honest and does not have any issues that can cause potential problems early in a marriage. Before you say the “I dos”, there are a few things you should do and we at Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami FL would like to share them today.

Credit History Report

Whether you already have joint financial accounts, or your partner told you about their past, you should consider attaining a credit history report. Money is one of the primary fights between couples. Many are surprised to learn about the past due accounts, credit scores, current debts, and other financial information once the honeymoon is over. Being married makes you responsible for your debts as well as your partner’s debt and their debt can impact your credit score.

Personal History Told By Friends & Family

Family and friends are the best source for knowing the individual. They can let you know about behaviors, experiences, and other red flags that might be an issue down the line. Perhaps they have a mental disorder they have been able to mask, a history with cheating on their partners, gambling, drinking, or drug addictions they managed to hide and so forth. At the very least, you will have the information available and can decide if moving forward is right for you.

Prior Engagements or Marriages

Knowing the history of committed relationships can be very telling, especially knowing why the relationship failed. Perhaps their first committed relations ship failed because a severe temper, physical, mental, or other forms of abuse may be the crux. It can be worth learning about these dark truths before you become legally wed. In any case, secrets disintegrate trust and can ultimately ruin any relationship.

Premarital Background Check

A common reason people require a background check is for peace of mind. People often request them for employment and looking to rent a place to live, why not when entering a serious relationship? Due diligence for you, current or future children, and overall marriage can offer you peace of mind down the road. Too many people scam and deceive potential spouses. To protect you and your assets, having the background check can make sure you are marrying who they claim to be. There may be more to a story than what your partner initially told you and having the information, especially if it concern politics, law enforcement, and other serious entities, can better prepare you for a life with that person, or give you the opportunity to back down out of the relationship all together.

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Where marriage is a wonderful union to people who are in love and they come to find the ups and downs worth the committed relationship, it is still ideal to have the above mentioned checked out. At Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami FL, we can help perform these background checks and get you the right information you need for a more informed decision. Contact us today!