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How does a Private Investigator Obtain Personal Information? Surveillance, Dumpster Diving and Public Records

Most of us have seen television shows that exposed cheating spouses or sex predators but have you ever wondered how the shows get the information they use to confront the accused? There are many techniques that a private investigator uses to obtain information. One of the biggest assets that a private investigator has is the element of going incognito. Whoever they are following or looking into will not recognize the investigator or know their motives, which can allow them to get closer to their subjects.

Advanced Private Investigator and Security in Boca Raton has prepared a list of some of the ways a private detective can help you:

Surveillance: This can be used in many different situations to get intel on a person or business you have questions about. Many times this is a good starting point and can quickly tell an investigator whether the person or situation looks suspicious. Private Investigators are able to retrieve documentation that can prove or disprove facts. This can include getting video recordings or pictures that may be necessary for the client. Surveillance is a great way the investigator can locate where an individual is going such as banks, property, homes and businesses. They can also set up surveillance that is more invasive with the help of the client. This can include cameras and video recordings that can be monitored while they are not at the location.

Garbage: This may seem unsanitary but a private investigator can learn a lot about a person or business by the trash they throw out. Garbage pick up days are a great time to go through all the stuff that has been thrown out. Investigators can search for documents, receipts and pictures that can lead them on the right track. Receipts can put a person in a specific location at a certain time of the day. If the trash is in a public area, it is free game. There are no legal problems for a private investigator to go through trash and see what they can find.

Public Records and Internet: The internet houses endless bits of information. When the law allows it, an investigator can look at search history, what has been deleted and what they have saved. Most people have an online profile of sorts that they interact with other individuals that can be very telling. Going through this stuff can be painstaking but is worth it in the end.

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Whether you suspect a spouse is cheating or an employee is stealing; whether you need security or to find a missing person, Advanced Private Investigator and Security in Boca Raton can get the answers you need and provide the investigation and security services you desire. Contact us today for a discreet consultation.

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