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Greater Miami Private Investigator Services

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Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami, FL is committed to bringing our clients a wide range of quality investigative and surveillance services to help answer your questions as you deserve to know the truth! Please see below some of the private investigator services we offer. Whether you need a simple background check or an extensive fraud investigation, we have the knowledge and experience to discreetly obtain the answers you need. Call us today to talk about all of your private investigator needs.


Civil Investigation

For both business entities and private parties, timely access to the right information can make all the difference in discovering a breach or preventing one from occurring. AFS has the knowledge and experience to plan, staff and implement a high level civil investigation to meet your personal interest or business needs. From simple to complicated civil investigations, with the utmost honesty and integrity, AFS provides focused, accurate and relevant analysis, of whomever and whatever, your target might be.

Criminal Investigation

When a crime has been committed, on business or personal property, you need answers and you need them fast. Who is responsible, why did it happen, how can future instances be prevented etc. The sooner you act, the better your chances of resolving any current infractions and preventing any reoccurrences. It is critical to have an investigative partner like AFS ready and standing by for when you need it most. We are a company that has the flexibility to respond immediately, along with the right experience to provide insight and make recommendations that go beyond the ordinary. We provide answers to the most important questions of your criminal investigation.

Fraud Investigation

Unfortunately, more and more individuals and businesses are becoming the victims of all types of fraud. You often hear about it happening to others, but when you become a victim personally, you understand firsthand the need to have answers fast. These answers can often lead to the source of the crime. Just like in a criminal investigation, quick action can help you spot vulnerable areas and help prevent future acts. Call on AFS for a speedy and detailed investigation by our team of knowledgeable and experienced fraud experts.

Domestic Investigation

Concerns about spouses or family members come in many different forms, from infidelity to asset theft. During these delicate and emotional situations, it is critical that you have the knowledge you need, when you need it, in order to make the decision that is in your best interests. Whatever the task, AFS has the investigative background and in depth experience to help you make sure your next move is the right one for you.

International Investigation

If you the victim of a crime or fraud that goes beyond our borders or you need overseas intelligence as part of a major security operation or special event, call AFS. Whatever your needs may be, our dedicated investigative team has the experience, knowledge, discretion and sensitivity to devise and implement a discreet high-level fact gathering mission.

Tenant & Employee Background Check

AFS provides comprehensive individual and group package background research investigations that include in-depth due diligence and reporting on all levels. This includes tenant screenings, eviction history, social security verification, comprehensive criminal history, credit reporting, civil investigations, skip traces, asset searches, employment and education verification, motor vehicle records, workers compensation claims, insurance fraud and employee screenings. The results of our findings are provided in a concise, accurate and professional report with unsurpassed turnaround time.

Photo and Video Evidence Surveillance

Today more than ever, businesses need and rely on surveillance to provide facts as well as protect and monitor individuals and locations. This can be as a precautionary measure or in the event of suspicious activity. In either case, effective and accurate documentation of subjects and locations is essential. AFS has both the expertise and experience to carry out any surveillance operation, no matter what the scope or circumstances might be. As always, with AFS you can expect our private investigators to be honest, intelligent, stealthy and professional.

Loss Prevention

In many business sectors, the margin between success and failure is typically quite small. When an area of loss continues to affect a business, the results are never good. Whether it’s a large corporation or a specialty boutique, losses of all kinds count against the bottom line. From preventing shoplifting and warehouse theft to protection from embezzlement and adversary actions, legal or otherwise, you can rely on the loss prevention experts at AFS to devise and implement a plan that works for your business, at a price that’s right for any budget.

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