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Civil Investigations

A Civil Investigation is an investigation to collect information and supporting materials for a civil legal matter, such as a lawsuit claiming damages in the wake of an accident. Both sides in a civil case may conduct an investigation with a private investigator to compile data and research that they will use to press a case or refute claims, depending on the situation. Advanced Florida Security invites parties involved in a civil case to hire us as private investigators on civil matters. We offer many advantages including learned investigation skills and extensive connections that allow access to the most useful data and research.
Advanced Florida Security works on many Civil Investigation matters including but not limited to:
– Child Custody
– Class Action Lawsuits
– Malpractice
– Personal Injury
– Forfeiture
– Probate Disputes
– Libel and Slander
– Missing Persons
– Wrongful Death
– Locating Individuals for Process Service
Our professional civil investigation support services at Advanced Florida Security include but are not limited to the following:
– Civil Litigation Support
– Witness Background Investigations
– Location of Witnesses
– Interview Witnesses and Potential Witnesses
– Vetting of Witnesses and Potential Witnesses
– Obtain Written or Recorded Sworn Witness Statements
– Identifying Assets in Anticipation of Litigation
– Identifying Assets for Collection of Judgements
– Comprehensive Background Checks
– Court Record Searches
– Motor Vehicle Records
– Activity Checks
– Day & Night Surveillance Operations
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