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Forensic Investigations in Sunrise, FL; Accounting, Auditing, Digital Computer Forensics & More

Forensics is the gathering and analysis of physical evidence gathered under rigorous scientific and legal procedures to prove an act of criminal activity or civil liability and the identification of those persons related to the event. Forensic Investigations covers a gamut of activities conducted by specialists in that field:

Forensic Accounting & Auditing

Used in both criminal and civil cases using accounting, business and communications skills to uncover and provide evidence for court admittance under the rules of evidence. They search large volumes of figures uncovering irregularities or illegal accounting practices. Tax evasion, money laundering or embezzlement or theft of business-related financial resources. Forensic accounting and auditing can uncover:
o Hidden assets
o Lost wages in injury or workers comp
o Uncover and trace misappropriated funds
o Uncover and prove fraud

Digital & Computer Forensics

Computer and Cyber Forensics are other terms used to describe the forensically sound recovery of computer data. But as technology progresses the forensic recovery of cell phone and device like iPads, tablets and similar devices are becoming more prominent. Active social media and other cyber online data is more of an investigative nature than a forensics activity.

Crime Scene Forensics

Made popular by CSI, these investigations recover evidence and document a crime scene. More than mere evidence collection is needed. The scene must be protected, analyzed and documented. Forensic labs analyze data collected using various laboratory technics following court mandated policies and procedures. The evidence must be creditable and relevant. As an aside all evidence collect at the scene of civil or criminal activity is circumstantial evidence. Also, CSI personnel are limited to scene interpretation and evidence collection, in many agencies they are civilian personnel and not commission police officers. Many private investigation firms also conduct on scene investigation collecting forensic evidence.

Other Types of Forensic Investigations

• Forensic Dentistry is used to identify deceased persons.
• Forensic Physical Anthropology: immortalized by the TV series “Bones” this is the forensic study of human physical remains, mostly bones.
• Forensic Entomology is the study of insects that are found with human remains or perhaps at a crime scene. Time of death, location of crime even if the victim was under the influence of drugs can be determined by insect recovery and analysis.
• Forensic Graphology: They are not limited to just handwriting, they try to determine mood, emotional stability, intelligence, integrity, motivation and mood of the individual writing on ransom notes, poison pen letters, suicide notes and blackmail demand documents. The size, slant of letters and weight (line color and thickness, etc.) Phrases, slang and wording tell a lot about the author. Document verification is also conducted on such areas as insurance claims and police statements.
• Forensic Pathology: cause of death, time of death, pathology is the study of human remains, still in the flesh. Autopsies reveal data both on the outside of the person and internal information. Bruises, external injury, bullet wounds, lividity (pooling of blood in the body can determine if the body was moved from the scene of the crime.) signs of asphyxia. Inside the stomach contents are noted and the state of internal organs. This helps to determine if the cause of death was natural, suicide or homicide.
• Forensic Psychology: Behavior analysis attempts to estimate the motivational behavior of a possible assailant. Was the act premeditated, accidental or the result of tumultuous emotional response. Once the accused is in custody the Forensic Psychologist must determine soundness of mind for standing trial.
• Forensic Toxicology & Serology determines if the person was intoxicated either with drugs, alcohol or toxins. Includes environmental chemicals, toxins (natural plant or animal origin, plant poisons and animal venoms.) This is conducted on both deceased and living. In living individuals, it used to screen for illicit drug consumption. Serology is the study of bodily fluids.
• Toolmarks and Firearms Examiner: Studies tools and their artifacts. Indentations is the negative impression of the tool, Abrasion is two objects slide past each other and cutting. When the media speaks of Ballistics it is usually the toolmark and impression specialist that matches up bullet and barrel. Very few study actual ballistics as that is the study of the project and its path in flight.
• Laboratory Forensics: DNA matching, chemical (includes drugs, alcohol and poisons and toxins) analysis are carried out by the forensic lab. CSI collects evidence, the lab performs analytical chemical and biological tests to interpret the evidence in a clinically and forensically sound environment.

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Forensics covers a variety of fields that are grounded in both science and governed by court mandated rules and procedures relating to evidence. Even done correctly evidence may not influence the outcome as indicated by the body of evidence, after all truth is negotiable in a court of law.
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