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Security Tips for Special Events; Potential Protestors, Credentials, Screening Employees & Guests & More in Miami Florida

Special events for businesses or personal gatherings can be fun and stressful. Excessive planning is always involved. Decorations, entertainment, guests and food tops the list. Some overlook security or leaving it for the very last moment to arrange but in this day and age, it is not something to be taken lightly. Advanced Private Investigator…

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How does a Private Investigator Obtain Personal Information? Surveillance, Dumpster Diving and Public Records

Most of us have seen television shows that exposed cheating spouses or sex predators but have you ever wondered how the shows get the information they use to confront the accused? There are many techniques that a private investigator uses to obtain information. One of the biggest assets that a private investigator has is the…

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Internet, Computer Hacker & Identity Theft Protection & Prevention in Miami Florida

Keeping your home safe and your belongings secure usually entails the installation of new locks, keys and security systems that include cameras and recorded video, alarms, lighting and other security options that keep criminals at bay. Someone who notices your home is well secured is much less likely to attempt breaking into your home and…

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Job Duties & Description of a Private Detective & Investigator; What Answers we can Provide in Miami Florida & Beyond

At Advanced Private Investigator & Security in Fort Lauderdale, each and every case we get is unique and needs to be approached with a different method. It isn’t easy to describe what a private investigator can do in one short sentence. Most often a private investigator finds information, facts and documents, evidence and proof. Advanced…

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Employment of Executive/Personal Protection Agents; Duties, Responsibilities & Job Description

In today’s world, safety and security has become an issue that faces everyone, every day; in almost every situation. Unfortunately, not even a regular day at work can be guaranteed to be a safe and secure experience. Many companies pay lip service to the notion that their employee’s safety is their number one concern as…

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Fraud in South Florida; Types and Examples of Identity Theft, Credit Card, Insurance, Mortgage Scams & Other Schemes

Being defrauded will leave you feeling completely invaded, assaulted and defeated. Lately the fraud string of dishonest mortgages, Medicare and identity theft tax returns have been on the rise. Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, warm weather all year long and the desirable ocean view. Florida is appealing to many who are looking to…

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