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Are Witness Statements Important After a Car Accident in Sunset, FL? How Private Detectives Help

When you have been in a car accident and the insurance company is resisting your claim, you may need the aid of a lawyer to ensure you get the help you need. When you are battling for a claim and you employ the help of a lawyer, often the lawyer will need witnesses to help support the case. When a lawyer needs help, a private investigator can help locate witnesses. However for those involved in the accident, there are steps you can take as well to ensure the witnesses can be located. Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami, FL will share a few tips to help you locate witness when you are involved in a car accident.

Collect Witness Info at Scene of Accident

Locating witnesses days, weeks, or months after an accident can become a major challenge. Even if you find your witnesses, if too much time has passed, they may not remember the details that will aid your case. Additionally, when there is a significant time lapse the witness’s credibility may be questioned in the eyes of judge and jury. When you are involved in an accident, you will want to begin gathering your witnesses, and if possible, get a written or recorded account of the accident.

Many Different Types of Witnesses

When you are in an accident and you need witnesses, most people fixate on the obvious which is the passengers and drivers of the other vehicles involved in the accident. Most often they are the ones sought after. However, there are many other types of witnesses. Witnesses can include pedestrians, other drivers and passengers, emergency responders, and cameras. Anyone who was at the scene of the accident is a potential witness. Any surveillance video that faces the street can also show every moment of the accident. When possible, see if there is any video recordings of the accident.

What Information Should Be Gathered from Witnesses?

As witnesses can be very difficult to track down when you need them, it is important to get their contact information. You may want to request the witnesses:
• Personal and or Work Phone Number
• Personal and or Work Address
• Email Address
When gathering the witnesses contact information, you do not need all their contact information. You can ask your witness what would be the best way to contact them and request the needed information. Make notes of each witness as well. Write down who they are and what they saw and heard. Often when you have multiple witnesses, the lawyer will want to narrow down the most important witnesses and spend their energy locating them.

Cell Phone Voice Recording Evidence

If you have a witness that may not be around later, you can use your cell phone and utilize the voice recording program. You can request a witness to leave a voice recording of their account of the accident. When using a voice recording, make sure the witness consents to the recording. Ask the witness by name on the recording if they consent to the recording. Have them also indicate the date and then their account of the accident.

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Not everyone has the wherewithal to gather information from witnesses after a car accident. When a lawyer needs witnesses to help aid your case, a private investigator can help locate them. A private investigator can go over the police report, look for surveillance footage and more. For private investigation services, contact Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami, FL. We have vast resources and experience in finding missing witnesses and other persons of interest!

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