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What Do Private Investigators Do for Attorneys in Pembroke Pines, FL? Discover New Leads, Track Assets & More

Good attorneys work together as a team, with the best legal assistant researching case law, and the best experts on the witness stand in addition to private investigators on their team as the PI’s have a fresh set of eyes and the means to uncover new evidence. Today, we at Advanced Private Investigators & Security of Miami, FL would like to discuss how private investigators are essential to attorneys.

Discover New Evidence & Leads

With a unique perspective, a private investigator looks at the people and circumstances of a legal case. The investigator allows the attorney to focus on the surrounding issues. The PI, though not intimately involved in the legalities of the case, offers a different life. Reveals new leads and new avenues for discovery by having a PI that can give his attention to this. As they uncover any inconsistencies in the investigation that may have gotten overlooked in police investigation such as a lead or piece of evidence.

Track Assets

Assets are important in a civil case and they can be challenging found. In a civil case like divorce or one with a judgment, a PI specializes in finding hidden assets. In the event you can’t collect the money, judgments are worthless to a victim. Assets disappear when legal ensues. Any hidden assets and unreported income are discovered with a private investigator. Undisclosed corporations and trusts, and vehicles / boats, this may include real estate. Public records searches and the use of surveillance to observe lifestyle habits

Electronic Equipment Analysis & Computer Forensics

Living in a digital age with our smartphones and computers are an integral part of our lives. In a sea of digital information, a smartphone or computer analysis can locate a valuable nugget of information. There is much to be learned in the emails, websites, and texts. With a trained eye, private investigators can find viable information within the digital footprints. A private investigator also has the capability to find erased files and data with the help of sophisticated and legal tools. Traces of information are left behind that can be recovered by experts. A timeline is created of an individual’s digital activity after all the electronic information is collected, offering new clues and revelations. fraud, blackmail, copyright infringement, destruction of information, sexual harassment matrimonial disputes, employee theft of intellectual property, and corruption cases are all helped with computer forensics.

Social Media & Public Profile Search

Many people think they don’t need to hire someone to background a person. You’re only revealing a small snapshot of that person’s life while anyone can track down a person. However, to uncover a person’s true identity, you need sophisticated tools. To create a comprehensive background on a person, a private investigator has powerful resources.

Fraud or Cheating Video Evidence

In a legal case, video recording is compelling evidence though surveillance is challenging. Working all hours of the day or night to capture the video evidence may be required. Video evidence can make or break your case, whether it’s an insurance fraud investigation or a cheating case. To capture quality video that will be the key piece of evidence, it takes patience, and time. The video evidence is exactly what an attorney needs in a case is often ensured through the expertise of a skilled private investigator.

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