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Private Investigator Requirements in Kendall, FL; License, Experience, Personality, Skills & More

If you believe you need a private investigator to address personal issues that may have or may not have legal ramifications, what are the qualifiers for a reliable investigator for hire?

Private Investigator License & Experience

First and foremost, they must be licensed. Though there are states that don’t require licensing of private security and investigative agents, they are few. Even in those states that don’t have rigid state requirements many counties and municipalities do. In many states one of the criteria for licensing is investigative experience. Some states require 6,000 hours of field work, many qualify with work experience as an FBI agent, police or sheriff’s deputy or other investigative experience. Many states require a background check, fingerprints and passing a state certification test. Experience should be confirmed. Educational background? Technical skills like computer background. In what if any area that they are specialized? Do they lack experience in some specialized skill like polygraphs or do they have specialized skills in photography, computer and electronic forensics? How many years have they been practicing and how many cases, more specifically cases like yours and how did they turn out? You have the right to ask.

Private Investigator Personality

Record, some PI’s have a reputation for being a bit shady. Check to see if they have been registered or had any disciplinary actions, this can be done through the state association of private investigators. Overall impression of the investigator? Do they seem more concerned about the money than the job? Do you feel you can trust him? What are his thoughts on maintaining confidentiality? Does he seem to have an ethical nature and sense of decency? All these types of questions allow you to establish character. One of the duties of a PI is to testify in court. That is why he is licensed and needs to follow requirements as set forth by the courts. He must be testimony worthy. His duty is to present evidence and testimony in court proceedings. Are they are prepared to testify in court, and to certify any specialized training or experience? What are their track records in court testimony? Do they maintain a professional appearance, and do they command respect?

Private Detective People Skills

Private investigators must have an extensive skill set in working with people. Human engineering is having an extensive knowledge of behavior, both verbal and body language. “People sense” is an important field investigative skill and one of the most important in an effective investigator’s repertoire.

Private Investigator Costs

Clear concise fees are important. Tell them what you have done to date and how much it is going to cost. The investigator should be able to estimate the costs and never exceed them unless you are notified beforehand. Are they being patronizing or condescending? You should be comfortable asking them pointed questions requiring unambiguous answers. Do their answers satisfy your need for knowing?

Private Investigations, Security & More in Greater Miami, Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Weston, Plantation City & Miami Gardens Florida

There are many criteria for hiring a private investigator, these are just a few. Consider your options, you may get a second or third opinion in your quest, you are not obligated to any commitment on your first run. Look around a bit. But a pro will put you at ease, leave you a feeling hope and not be dodgy in answering your questions. Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami FL are ready to consult with you. Call us today!