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Domestic Investigations in West Little River, FL from Cheating Spouses to Missing Persons & More

Domestic investigation is conducted to protect your home. Not only the property aspect but your relationships within the family. Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami, FL have prepared a list of domestic investigation examples.

Examples of Domestic Investigations

Cheating spouse and divorce cases. Infidelity cases are usually solved through surveillance. Another aspect is child custody and support. Parental abduction is more common than many realize. There is also risk for the party abducted. Another aspect is conducting a skip trace to find a dead-beat spouse. Fathers default totally in 26% of the time and non-custodial mothers 46% of the time. Eleven thousand children were victims of homicide between 1976-97 and many more injured by parents or caregivers.
Bigamy though not common occurs often than many realize, and marriage is a tool used to commit fraud on a lonely and social estranged victim.
Threats, blackmail and extortion. Got money? Threats and schemes abound to separate you from your hard-earned money. The threats involve social interaction with others or threatening to expose other details of compromising behavior.
Restraining Orders. These are issued for cause. To demonstrate cause some amount of investigative effort is needed to substantiate cause.
Stalking. Stalkers are very difficult to investigate as so much of their activities seem mysterious with their knowledge of your actions. Again, a private investigator will get results sooner than local law enforcement who detail with a multitude cases where the private investigator has been paid to devote his time to your circumstances.
Spouse, child or elderly abuse. This is a common but perverse commentary on our modern society. Institutions, caregivers and even parents commonly commit verbal and physical abuse to those who share their domicile.
Missing persons. A crime uniquely suited to the purview of the private investigator. Law enforcement processes thousands of reports with most of the missing returning home under 72 hours. Hence, 24-hour reporting limit of adults. Unless the element of ‘foul play’ can be articulated, law enforcement has too many cases and too few staff and resources to address this problem.
Background checks of the nanny, maid and other domestic staff. This is common today with the high incident of child abuse and property theft experienced by these workers. Ongoing in many cases. Caregivers, nannies and babysitters are responsible for 14% of the time abuse is suspected and 10% have a criminal background.
Surveillance of the home and home security measures. Help ensure a safe environment for you and your family. Cameras and even physical surveillance if necessary. The problem with home security is balancing your security with your privacy.
Accidents or domestic violence? For liability purposes and personal safety. Two thirds of American homes are affected by domestic violence. Family injuries of visitors can open you to civil liability.
Drug Abuse. Does a member of your family suffer addiction to chemicals or alcohol? Property mysteriously missing? An addict will convert personal property of a family member to cash to support their addictions. Even drug screenings will help parents. Discreet investigations can reveal a problem allowing for rehab or other intervention.

Why Hire a Private Investigator for Domestic Investigations?

• Law enforcement doesn’t generally involve themselves in domestic problems, except for domestic violence. Most situations are initially, at least, civil actions and police don’t have civil authority.
• A private investigator will obtain evidence legally accepted for inclusion into court proceedings.
• Professional private investigators have resources and data not readily privy to the public.
• KSA&E – Knowledge, skills, abilities and experience are part of the investigative experience and have been honed through the years. Many private investigators are former police officers or federal agents.
• Private investigators are professionals and handle information they have uncovered with discretion and confidentiality.
• Private investigators can cross jurisdictions or have contacts in other states or areas, even internationally.

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Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami, FL can handle all your investigation needs including domestic investigations. Contact us to learn more today!