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Corporate Investigations in Kendale Lakes, FL; Corruption, Libel, Financial Misdeeds, Data Breach & More

Corporate investigation is a thorough look into organizations, corporations, or businesses with a goal of finding what, if any, wrongdoing has been committed by management, employees, or third parties. The corporate investigations are designed to answer some important questions, which are often due to someone reporting a concern. With this in mind, we at Advanced Private Investigators & Security of Miami, FL would like briefly to discuss corporate investigations.

Questions Asked in a Corporate Investigation

In a corporate investigation, the following questions are asked.
1) Why did it happen or how was it allowed to happen?
2) Who is responsible?
3) What happened?
4) Is the corporate liable or at risk?

Corporate Private Investigator Responsibilities

To get the answers and/or work with attorneys to gather evidence for any potential court proceedings, professionally trained and licensed investigators will assess the financial accounts, interview employees, analyze communications, perform surveillance, and in some instances, to undercover to find the answers. Because of conflicts of interests or other misguided attempts, a company’s attempt to conduct an inhouse investigation end up in poor results. To salvage the reputation of your business as well as identify key individuals that are conducting poor behaviors and terminate them are done by corporate investigations. All types of wrongdoing and misconduct by employees, management, and outside parties are covered with corporate Investigations.

Corporate Investigation Examples

To help you with types of misconduct, fraud, or illegal activities; some of the most common are the following examples below with corporate investigating.
1) Corruption. Corruption can be a challenging matter to overcome as it harms business performance and public trust. Just a few of the topic’s investigators look through are the representatives of other companies, poor public relations among the employees, improper payments, and kickbacks.
2) Libel and Defamation. Businesses can feel the hurt from everything to false claims by competitors to fraudulent Glassdoor or Yelp reviews, libel and defamation. The individuals responsible for such actions are identified.
3) Financial Misdeeds. Financial misconduct is a very common problem with over 75% of employees have admitted to stealing from their employer at some point. Inventory shrinkage, vendor fraud, accounting irregularities and violations, money laundering, misappropriation, as well as embezzlement are all types of misconduct.
4) Employment Complications. Inter-employee misconduct or discrimination lawsuits are disputes concerning the hiring process. For violations regarding civil rights, discrimination, infringement on intellectual property rights, sexual misconduct, harassment, as well as Violations regarding Fair Credit Reporting Act, the investigations are paramount.
5) Intellectual Property Infringement. Corporate espionage, or employee theft, is most often the case, of the intellectual property of the company can all be involved.
6) Legal and Regulatory Violations. Any suspected law or regulation violation can be looked in by corporate investigations. You can avoid a lot of legal troubles for extended parties by addressing and identifying the people involved by taking the initiative and acting your instincts. Also, authorities may ask for an internal investigation prior to them stepping in, depending on the severity and details of the violation.
7) Data Breach. For many businesses is data loss, theft, and hacking are serious common problems that are increasing. Where someone was issued clearance that should not have been can be a simple error in security privileges, when the loss of data happens is usually at the hand of a disgruntled employee, and the result of a sophisticated hack.

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If you find the needs for corporate investigation services, call Advanced Private Investigators & Security of Miami, FL and let us assist you!