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Basics of Executive Protection Security Guidelines & Procedures in Miami, FL; Threat Mitigation & More

Those at risk of personal security due to their wealth, prominence and reputation including political and government representatives and those in the entertainment industry. When providing a security plan, Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami FL consider the following:
• Analysis – we first need to determine and understand the risks, threats and vulnerabilities.
• Integration of individual preferences and understanding of the organization’s culture is considered.
• The principal, meaning the protected individual has a job and certain responsibilities. Prioritization of productivity are all part of the plan.
• Hard and Soft skills.
o Hard skills are training, education and experience. Foreign language skills, accounting background, electronics tech, programming, etcetera. Think technical skills.
 Language – bilingual or multilingual
 Application skills, spreadsheets, word processing and more
 Analytic skills
o Soft Skills are personal habits and traits. Effective communications, dependability, effective teamworking and active listener. Creativity, problem-solving, integrity, critical thinking, organization, adaptability, willingness to learn and empathy.
• Scalable, the plan needs to take in a broad geographical consideration.
There are various services included in executive and person protection:
• Travel – security drivers, hardened vehicles and protective personnel. Tracking of the traveler for management and if necessary, emergency evacuation.
• Close protection at home, at work and on the move. Protective surveillance and even covert protection if necessary.
• Home, there is need to be secure in our homes. For some their circumstances will include family and even associates. Primary and secondary residences are included.
• Inhouse, consulting services allow the client to improve policies, procedures and implement equipment to further enhance their own efforts for entity wide protection.
• Emergency protection services are available. Our world is not static. Challenges can arise without warning, or specific situations that are outside the normal operating environment can develop.
• Surveillance and counter surveillance.

Types of Personal Protective Equipment & Executive Protection Services

Executive/personal protection can be as simple as a home security system. Or it may include bodyguards, hardened vehicles, mail screening, scramble planning, private jets, background checks and a myriad of other considerations and contingencies. What to look for? Well there are some regulatory and practical considerations. Business License, Registration to provide protective services, liability insurance, training records, weapon permits and concealed carry. Each protection agent is also in possession of a state issued registration for protection services. Teams must be large enough to cover time off and contingencies. Nobody works 24/7 you need at least enough people to cover each position two 12-hour shifts or three 8-hour shifts.

Threat Mitigation Assessment

Protective intelligence officer who gathers information and in analysis assess and provides mitigation of threats. Red Team analysis looks at the threat protection activity from the outside in to identify security threats. The surveil the clients and movements, conduct cyber stalking assessments through open source sites to assess how much information on the client is available on the net. Conduct counter surveillance to make an attack more difficult, planning considers the following:
• Identification – how the client is vulnerable and who would want to exploit the vulnerability. Identifying the individuals who may pose a potential threat.
• Assess – Once identified, it is determined if they constitute a viable threat. The information allows the protection team to formulate a protection plan.
• Management provides ongoing reassessment to monitor any developing threats.

Private Investigations, Security & More in Greater Miami, Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Weston, Plantation City & Miami Gardens Florida

Types of protection are typically: 1) High-threat for international travel of the client or 2) Business executive protection for those clients having a high net worth and Celebrity protection. Resource availability for the task and the operating environment of the client define the characteristics of the mission. Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami FL are standing by to meet your executive and personal protection needs. Contact us today!