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Basic Principles, Elements & Objectives of Criminal Investigations in West Little River, FL; Private Eye Process & More

Here at Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami, FL we are frequently asked about the types of services we provide. As we chat with our clients about the services we provide we find that we get lots of questions about them. One service that we get asked about is criminal investigations. This is a service that is often misunderstood. Today we are going to take some time to help you fully understand this service.

Basic Principles of Criminal Investigations

Let’s start by talking about what criminal investigations are. Wikipedia describes a criminal investigation as “an applied science that involves the study of facts that are then used to inform criminal trials. A complete criminal investigation can include searching, interviews, interrogations, evidence collection and preservation, and various methods of investigation.” We feel that is an excellent definition of what criminal investigating is.

Types of Criminal Investigations

There are a number of cases that can benefit from an outstanding criminal investigation. We help with fraud, theft, stalking, crime scene reenactment, eavesdropping detection, computer forensics, missing persons, wrongful death, locating individuals for process service, and so much more. Many people think that the police department will take care of any investigating that needs to be done. Unfortunately, they do not always have the resources, time, or determination that is needed to complete the investigations to your liking. That is where Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami, FL comes in. We can step in when the police department is unable to continue investigating a case that is important to you.

Criminal Investigation Process

Once we start our criminal investigation we find that our clients have some common misconceptions about how they work. We chalk that up to the amount of shows on television that deal with criminal investigations. Everyone seems to believe that the way that investigations unfold on television is an accurate portrayal of how they really work. The truth is they are not very similar. We are going to talk about some of the differences so you know what to expect. One of the largest misconceptions is the speed that the investigation occurs. When you watch shows on TV about criminal investigations everything seems to come together in a matter of a few days. In reality it can take weeks or even months to gather the evidence and process it. Many times, the lab is backlogged and so there is nothing that you can do but wait. Be prepared for the process to take longer than you expect. We always do our best to get everything done as quickly as possible but it is never as fast as it is in the movies.

Where Do People Commit Crimes?

Another myth that most people believe is that there are two typical types of offenders. The first one is an extremely smart psychopath who spends most of their time alone. They cannot be caught without large task forces, luck, and favors being called in. The other type of offender that people think commit crimes is ruthless members of gangs. The fact is that most criminals do not fall into either of these categories. Crimes are committed by many different types of people with all sorts of personalities.

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We hope that this information helped you understand how criminal investigations work. If you need us to perform an investigation for you give us a call today.