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Asset Searches in Davie, FL; Definition, Debt Recovery, Corporate, Analyzing Reports & More

When business entities regardless of type, meaning corporations, LLC, Partnerships and sole proprietorships, are doing business where assets are committed to joint ventures or just sub-contractors you will want to know of the financial health and status of the other party. An asset search would be included in due diligence investigations. Two things to avoid, civil litigation and loss of assets or revenue. Asset searches reveal value and any potential liabilities tied to specific property or entity. Asset investigations contribute to due diligence and settlement of personal injury cases, collect debt and verify financial statements during a divorce or child support case.
Assets of both individuals and a business entity can be determined running an asset search. What you are trying to accomplish with an asset search is to establish financial trustworthiness.

Asset Search Debt Recovery

Debt recovery is one area of asset searches. In most cases you need to determine if the debtor’s assets will cover the debit and court costs. Small claims court was instituted to allow for cases of non-representation (no lawyer) to recover judgments or debt without the costs of an attorney. But for an individual to go after a larger debt you will need to know if the defendant has the financial and asset wherewithal to cover the debt and attorney’s fees. Court isn’t cheap. If the debtor has little or no assets it would probably be best to write off the debt. Asset searches can determine if the debtor (whether debts owed or possible recovery of assets if judgements are obtained) can pay or not. Undeclared assets can be exposed during an asset search and counter the defendant’s claims of destitution. Asset investigations can uncover the exact nature of collectible assets and their security.

Corporate Asset Search

Different situations will determine the thrust, direction and scope of the investigation. For instance, a corporate investigation could include:
• Court: judgements, bankruptcies, liabilities like judgement and liens. Civil and criminal records and history. Skip trancing if significant persons cannot be located.
• Filings, in the normal course of business there are numerous documents filled with regulatory agencies and other filings for business licensing and others. Uniform commercial code liens (UCC filings), corporate or other entity filings, real estate and deeds, fleet vehicle registrations, federal and state tax liens.
Individual investigations include the above but with emphasis on:
• Motor vehicle, water craft and aircraft registrations and liens. Aliases, a.k.a. (also known as) and D.B.A. (doing business as) of the individual.

Professionals & Others Who Need Asset Searches

Those needing an asset investigation and search are:
• Attorneys & Law Firms
• Business entities
• Investors, buying or merging with other businesses.
• Human resource departments
• Investigative agencies
• Governmental agencies
• Creditors
• Due diligence satisfaction.
• Divorce proceedings
• Debt collection

Asset Search Reports

Asset searches need to be ethical and legal, they should be relevant and after the data is collected it needs to be analyzed by someone who can interpret the data and organize it as meaningful information. Not all asset investigations are strictly conducted by computer and paper trail searches. Rolling surveillance, real estate valuation and electronic forensics may be applied.
• Economic crimes investigation assistance, uncovering corruption either within a business entity or government level. Money laundering using surveillance and electronic forensics.
• Trace ownership and uncover camouflaged assets and trace property.
• Identify and assess the value of assets owned or managed buy either a business or individual and determine worth.
• They can use informants and insiders to locate hidden assets.
• Online and data base searches and surveillance equipment to uncover financial fraud. Real estate records, tax liens, change of address data, state motor vehicle data and numerous online tools and databases.

Private Investigations, Security & More in Greater Miami, Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Weston, Plantation City & Miami Gardens Florida

Asset searches are not a DIY endeavor. Experience and access to subscription only data bases assure that the professional investigator can do more than any individual or business employ. A private investigator has access to many resources that are denied the individual. Secure professional assistance in asset searches. Contact Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Fort Lauderdale Florida us for all your private investigator and security needs.