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Lost or Stolen Pet Detective Investigator

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Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami FL is where so many people turn to when they are in need of a trusted and experienced private investigator and security firm in Greater Miami, Florida and beyond. With over 15 years experience as a full service security and detective / private investigator agency, we deliver superior quality and confidential investigative results and security services for our valued customer in Florida as well as worldwide. Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami, FL is locally owned, operated, licensed, and insured as we lead a team of dedicated professionals to success in each assignment that comes to our office.

We Help You Find Your Lost or Stolen Pet

Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami FL in South Florida understands the stress and despair when a pet wander’s off or is stolen, which is why we offer services to help you find your beloved pet. Our goal is to locate your missing pet as quickly as possible. Utilizing our skillful techniques and all of our resources, Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami FL promptly begins locating your pet.

Missing Pet Investigations

Any domesticated animal can be subject for investigation when it is missing. Generally most investigations are launched by the animal’s owners, and in some cases businesses, such as kennels or groomers as well. Typically, these establishments had the pets in their care at the time the pets went missing and they hire professionals to find the missing pet. Domestic pets for example include dogs, cats, horses, birds, and so on.

How We Find a Lost Dog, Cat or Other Pet

To increase the success of locating the missing pet, Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami FL encourages you to notify us quickly so we can begin our missing pet investigation.
1) Missing Pet Consultation. During the consultation, Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami FL will collect all the pertinent details of your case, discuss estimated costs and answer all of your questions. Information collected for the missing pet include the types of animal, breed, gender, height, weight, coloring, distinguishing markings or characteristics, microchip information, other identifying information, and photos. From there, we will want to know where the pet was last seen, whether the pet ever been missing before and if so where and how was it recovered. Additional details such as monetary value that would make your pet a target to thieves, as well as how well or exotic the pet or breed is. If you have any suspicion as to who may have taken or harm your pet, any filed police reports, and any other actions you have taken is also worth mentioning to the Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami FL pet recovery team.
2) Lost or Stolen Pet Investigation: Generally, methods to recover your lost or stolen pet can include contacting the local animal services organizations, kennels, veterinarians, pet hospitals, and local shelters. We also search missing pet websites and databases. After we have exhausted phone calls and online resources, we continue to monitor them and turn to the physical searches. We visit the last seen location and look for evidence such as blood, urine, fur and so on. We turn to any surveillance and detection equipment, especially if any motion-based trail cams were involved. Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami FL will look into the local animal black market, illegal testing facilities, dog fighting rings, and other such activities known in Florida if criminal activity is suspected.
3) Missing Pet Updates and Reports. Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami FL keeps our clients well informed of all developments. At the conclusion of the investigation, a full formal written report is drawn up along with any court-admissible evidence. If necessary, Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami FL will be readily available to testify in any court proceedings.

Private Investigations & Security in Greater Miami, Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton & Miami Gardens Florida

When you have a missing pet, no matter if it is lost or stolen in South Florida, call Advanced Private Investigator & Security of Miami FL and let our experts help you find the answers you need and hopefully bring your pet home.

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