Worldwide Intelligence and Private Investigation Experts

Company Profile:

Advanced Global Security (AGS) offers exceptional expertise and delivers intelligence and crucial information you need to make educated decisions, whether in critical times or in the normal course of business.
Our corporate support services are comprised of a global network of credentialed consultants providing services worldwide.
Advanced Global Security is an organization of professionals with extensive professional experience in intelligence, corporate support services, executive protection and criminal investigation in the government and private sectors. AGS personnel have protected executives and officials from all five continents. For more than two decades, services have been extended to Government officials and Private dignitaries of major corporations both domestically and abroad. At home or business, on land, air or sea, AGS professionals operate efficiently, inconspicuously, without interference and in conjunction with each client’s schedule, lifestyle and natural environment.

Our Experience:

Advanced Global Security was founded by expert professionals and operatives. We realize that the need for corporate support services such as security, protection, and intelligence is increasingly in demand and that expert protection and security firms possessing extensive intelligence, operational and combat experience are scarce. We are confident that our numerous years of experience and professional service in the field of protection and intelligence in both the government and the private sectors will meet even the most discriminating client’s needs.
AGS protects against high-level, real and present danger through the use of prevention techniques in which our operatives are well-trained and accustomed to performing. If a threat level is low, we will ensure that such will not further escalate or develop by making principals and businesses impossible to approach or target.