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What Private Investigators Cannot Do in Sunrise, FL; Evidence Should Never Be Manufactured & More

There are many reasons as to why people hire a private investigator. From corporate needs to personal inquiries, the need for answers and, most importantly, evidence is great. Private investigators are formally trained to work within the law, specific guidelines and ethics to attain information that their clients require. However, in the end, there are some things that professional private investigators cannot do and today, we at Advanced Private Investigators & Security of Miami, FL would like the opportunity to share a few of the things we cannot do.

Evidence Should Never Be Manufactured or Fabricated

Where professionals are dedicated to did almost round-the-clock surveillance for as long as it takes, there are some cases where the individual is not doing anything scandalous or illegal. In these situations where allegations may be suspected or simply false, professional PIs will not fabricate or manufacture evidence to prove false claims. Though clients want any dirt that can be found, sometimes, there simply is not any.

Private Investigators Can’t Break the Law

Where there are many specific circumstances where some steps can be legal, there are times where it simply is not. Bribing people for otherwise illegal information is against the law, the obvious laws such as murder, roughing someone up, breaking and entering, trespassing, kidnapping, harassment or any other law on behalf of the client is illegal. Unethical behavior, which is closely related to breaking the law, is not committed by reputable private investigators. For example, gathering personal information on a background check and giving to a client demonstrating stalking behavior, or selling the information to the highest bidder compromises safety and ethics.

Individual Surveillance is Avoided Where Possible

Though, in many instances, surveillance can be done alone, however, there are too many circumstances and variables that require a partner such as bathroom breaks, natural tendencies to tire and not be focused, traffic, hunger, crowds, and so on. Where singular surveillance can be successful, most professionals prefer partnerships or even teams to ensure efficient coverage in surveillance.

Recording Phone Calls & Conversations

Recording a conversation in public, from wiretapping or monitoring phone conversations is prohibited as most state laws echo Federal Law. At least one party is required to consent to their conversation being recorded by a large majority of states in the U.S laws. A few of the states actually require that all parties consent to the recording.

Don’t Hire Unlicensed Private Investigators

Where each state has their own laws regarding licensing for private investigators, some are very laxed and others are excessively stringent. Ensuring your private investigator is licensed ensures your expert is an experienced and lawful professional.

Phone Records

Protected by both federal and state statutes, the law deems records of calls, bills, texts and other information from phone records, private; and cannot be attained without a court order. Investigators can determine what phone carrier is associated with a given phone number and even if a phone number belongs to a certain person.

Hacking Devices

These are best left to Hollywood films. Not only is it illegal, the odds of it working without getting caught is incredibly slim. Also, professionals are not allowed to gain financial records unless the account holder gives permission, or it is court ordered by a judge.

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