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Advanced Florida Security & Investigation helps companies domestically and internationally when they believe they have an employee that is stealing. Theft can significantly impact most businesses, no matter how insignificant the cash, products, or even supplies are. When you suspect an employee, it is important that the evidence is gathered, and all of your ducks are in a row before you fire an employee and press criminal charges; and make sure the right employee is bring held accountable. With Advanced Florida Security & Investigation, our team apply their skills, training, arts of the trade to uncover the truth and have the evidence to back it up.

Catch Your Employee Stealing on Camera

Advanced Florida Security & Investigation helps small and large businesses alike around the globe find the employee who is the bad egg, so to speak. Whether they are pilfering cash, merchandise, stealing from other staff members or even customers, Advanced Florida Security & Investigation will find the extent of their malice and help you proceed with the information and evidence collected. It is bad enough when an employee pockets money or items that doesn’t belong to them, but it is insult to injury when they do it on the clock while supposedly doing their jobs. Your inventory or merchandise matters. If it is being swiped, it can’t be sold. Any way you look at it, employee theft is a crime

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Advanced Florida Security & Investigation aids businesses when employees are suspected of theft, employee theft shoplifting, employee theft in restaurants and where a few signs of employee theft shows more than low inventory cunt, or cash drawers coming up short, a lot of guilty members will demonstrate subtle cues as well. Call Advanced Florida Security & Investigation today if you suspect employee theft is going in your business.