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Advanced Florida Security & Investigation knows it is tough to support children financially solely. This is why the courts decree child support from one of the parents, typically, the noncustodial parent. When they are not helping you financially, it can be a heavy burden for many average households. With the vast services of Advanced Florida Security & Investigation, we can help you attain your court ordered child support to help ease the financial strain.

Surveillance for Child Support Spending Accountability

Advanced Florida Security & Investigation can help in many different facets of child support. For example, if child support has already been court ordered, and the party is not paying their monthly obligations, we can perform surveillance, investigations, and other methods to see where their money is going, and why they are choosing not to pay. Our evidence gathered during the investigation can help your attorney in court, where the offending party will be tacked with fees, interest, and other money assessed, along with consequences that can include jail time or other fees. Surveillance is highly regarded in an investigation regarding child support. When we discover frivolous spending instead of meeting their obligations, or when claims of low income and/or not reporting employment or business income, the courts will frown upon the parent withholding financial assistance.

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Advanced Florida Security & Investigation can provide information regarding where your child’s deadbeat father or deadbeat mother is living, where they are currently working and if they have any assets in their name. Call Advanced Florida Security & Investigation today to begin your child support surveillance and investigation. Domestically and internationally; we can help you with your case and legal proceedings, and assist you in getting the money you are owed for your child.