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Advanced Florida Security & Investigation is readily available to help parents with child custody. When you need custody of your children, knowing full well it is in their better interest, you need help to prove your case. In most states, the courts like to involve both parents and award joint custody. However, the courts rarely see the bigger picture unless there is factual evidence that shows a parent’s shortcomings. If a parent is physically, emotionally, verbally, or even sexually abusive towards your children, or risking the children’s safety and/or security, you need to be able to prove it as opposed to simple accusations. With the help of Advanced Florida Security & Investigation, we can help you get the evidence you need that proves the kids are better provided in your care solely or as a primary parent.

How to Win Child Custody as a Single Mother or Father

Advanced Florida Security & Investigation is eager to help, hiring our professional team of elite investigators can help you get the support you are looking for. We dig deep to find any malice or poor parenting. With surveillance and investigative techniques, we can gather the evidence you need. Whether the evidence is photos, videos, reports from various background checks, or even finding witness accounts, Advanced Florida Security & Investigation can help you win your child custody battle. If a parent was awarded custodial parenting unwarranted, the team at Advanced Florida Security & Investigation utilizes our surveillance and investigative skills and expertise to help you appeal the decision.

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